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Top Bezienswaardigheden Arnhem

Ontdek de prachtige bezienswaardigheden van Arnhem! Verken de stad met ons uitgebreide overzicht van unieke plekken die je niet mag missen. Ontdek meer op onze stadspagina en maak gebruik van onze gratis stadswandeling langs de mooiste bezienswaardigheden van Arnhem. Laat je verrassen door de charme van deze geweldige stad!

1 - Sint-Eusebiuskerk

In the Eusebius you take a journey through time: from the 21st century all the way back to the early Middle Ages. Enjoy the fantastic view of the Arnhem skyline from the panorama lift (up to 73 meters high) and the glass balconies.

Monument in Eusebiuskerk
2 - Monument in Eusebiuskerk

The sculpture group of nineteen paratroopers in Arnhem recall the military operation Market Garden in 1944.

John Frostbrug
3 - John Frostbrug

Conquering the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem, the main objective of Operation Market Garden, turned out to be an impossible mission. 600 lightly armed paratroopers managed to gain a foothold near the bridge. There was heavy fighting for four days, but the bridge and the city remained in German hands. The Battle of Arnhem, from September 17 to 26, 1944, was the final chapter of Operation Market Garden. The courageous attempt to force a rapid breakthrough into the heart of Germany came to an abrupt halt in this city.

Airborne at the bridge
4 - Airborne at the bridge

With a phenomenal view of the world-famous John Frost Bridge, Airborne at the Bridge tells the personal stories of British Lieutenant John Grayburn, German Hauptsturmführer Viktor Eberhard Gräbner and Dutch Captain Jacob Groenewoud who fought and died on this spot during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944.

5 - Sabelspoort

This beautiful gate is the only remaining city gate of Arnhem. The gate was built in the 14th century and until the 19th century there were 4 city gates in Arnhem, all of which had the purpose of guaranteeing safety in the city. The Sabelpoort was part of a castle. The gate has been rebuilt since 1952 and is part of the Gelderland Provincial House. It is located in the center of the city and is beautiful to see.

6 - Sonsbeekpark

There are several parks in the city of Arnhem, but the finest and most popular park is the large Park Sonsbeek. There is a beautifully landscaped garden with sculptures and it is very hilly. That's what makes the park so much fun. Hiking trails have been set out and when you follow them, you will pass waterfalls and fountains. Especially on a sunny afternoon it is wonderful to stay here. Sometimes performances are also given.

Ondergrondse kelders
7 - Ondergrondse kelders

Under the shopping streets are medieval cellars dating back to the 14th century. Large merchant houses had storage cellars, almost all of which have been restored. No fewer than 39 cellars are connected here. The entrance to the cellars is at 4a Oude Oeverstraat.

7 straatjes
8 - 7 straatjes

The old city center of Arnhem is formed by many picturesque streets. The 7 streets of the Stegenkwartier is a hidden gem with authentic shops with fashion, lingerie, jewellery, gifts, cookware and patisserie products.

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