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Top Bezienswaardigheden Breda

Ontdek de prachtige bezienswaardigheden van Breda! Verken de stad met ons uitgebreide overzicht van unieke plekken die je niet mag missen. Ontdek meer op onze stadspagina en maak gebruik van onze gratis stadswandeling langs de mooiste bezienswaardigheden van Breda. Laat je verrassen door de charme van deze geweldige stad!

Kasteel van Breda
1 - Kasteel van Breda

There was already a castle on this spot at the end of the twelfth century. About 200 years later it was converted into a real castle with towers and a moat. The castle has been extensively renovated over the years, but Henry III of Nassau made the biggest changes in the sixteenth century. He brought over from Italy architect Tomasso Vincidor, a student of the famous Rafael. He converted the castle into the first Renaissance palace in Northern Europe.

2 - Spanjaardsgat

The Spanjaardsgat is a water gate that lies between the two defense towers Granaattoren and the Duiventoren of Breda Castle. The water gate can normally only be seen from the outside, but can also be seen from the inside on guided tours of the castle grounds.

Oude Stadhuis
3 - Oude Stadhuis

The old town hall is located on the Grote Markt in the center of Breda. This historic building has a staircase at the front. The first town hall was built in the 13th century when Breda received city rights. In 1534 it collapsed due to fire. The facade was built in the 18th century. This used to be four houses. During the renovation of 1766-1768, one facade was added, which makes it look like a whole from the outside.

Grote Kerk
4 - Grote Kerk

The construction of the Grote Kerk started in 1410 and was completed in 1547. The 97 meter high tower was already finished in 1509. Its construction took forty years. De Nassaus and especially Hendrik III contributed a lot to the construction of the church. This Church of Our Lady, originally Catholic, passed into reformed hands after the iconoclasm and has since been called the Grote Kerk.

5 - Sint-Antoniuskathedraal

In 1836, the St Antonius Cathedral was the first Catholic church that was allowed to be officially built after the clandestine church period. It was also the first episcopal church of the new diocese of Breda. The seat of the bishop of Breda returned in 2001, after an absence of 32 years old, back to the Antonius Church, which was once again given the status of cathedral.

6 - Begijnhof

The history of the Beguinage goes back more than 750 years. Until 1531, the court was closer to Breda Castle, but Hendrik III van Nassau needed that land for the expansion of his castle. He gave the pious women a piece of land in the Valkenberg. In return, he promised the beguines that the court would always keep the protection of the Nassaus. The last beguine died in 1990. Only unmarried ladies still live at the court. You can see how the beguines lived and worked in the Beguinage Museum at number 29. In the 1960s, the Beguinage was expanded with a second courtyard. You'll find that at the back right.

7 - FutureDome

FutureDome is the new concept in the dome prison in Breda. It was built between 1882 and 1886 by Johan Frederik Metzelaar. He previously also designed the comparable prison in Arnhem. The building was designed according to the panopticon principle. Guards could continuously monitor the detainees from the center of the circular complex. Until 2014, the location was a penitentiary. Subsequently, the COA used the location for the temporary accommodation of asylum seekers. They were transferred at the end of 2016 and since then small companies/pioneers have found their place in the building to work together on the future of Breda.

Valkenberg Stadspark
8 - Valkenberg Stadspark

Park Valkenberg is located on the transit route to Breda Central Station, behind Breda Castle. The park used to be the garden of the castle. The park owes its name to a falcon house from which the castle residents and their guests went falcon hunting. The bed with the statue of Hercules, which is a replica, is reminiscent of the seventeenth century, when the park was laid out in French style. Then there were no fewer than seventeen statues.

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