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City walks

25 city walks found

City walk Alkmaar


Alkmaar city walk

Are you looking for an authentic experience in the Netherlands? Then step into the enchanting …

60 minutes 3.50 km Citywalk

City walk Amersfoort Highlights


Walk Amersfoort

In Amersfoort, a picturesque city in the province of Utrecht, we have a beautiful walking route …

80 minutes 4.70 km Citywalk

Citywalk Arnhem Highlights

City walk

Walk Arnhem

Arnhem is one of the most charming cities in the Netherlands, offering visitors a rich history, beau…

60 minutes 3.50 km City walk

Citywalk Breda Highlights


Breda walk

Discover the beautiful city of Breda on foot with the Breda walk! This walking route takes you along …

70 minutes 4.00 km Citywalk

Citywalk Den Bosch


Den Bosch walk

Experience the charm of the Brabant capital with a Den Bosch walk. This walk takes you along the …

60 minutes 3.60 km Citywalk

Citywalk Dendermonde

City walk

City walk Dendermonde

Welcome to our city walk through Dendermonde! This walk is a great way to explore the hist…

75 minutes 4.30 km City walk

City walk Deventer Highlights


Walk Denventer

Discover Deventer in a unique way with our city walk. Deventer is a historic city full of sights …

60 minutes 2.20 km Citywalk

Citywalk Doesburg Highlights


City walk Doesburg

Discover the charm of picturesque Doesburg during our walk through the historic streets in Do…

60 minutes 2.20 km Citywalk

City Walk Edam

City walk

City walk Edam

Edam is a city steeped in charm and rich history. Stroll past architectural splendor, picturesque…

45 minutes 2.20 km City walk

Eindhoven Citywalk - center


Eindhoven city walk

Discover the bustling city of Eindhoven in a unique way by taking a city walk. Eindhoven is …

65 minutes 3.80 km Citywalk

Eindhoven Citywalk - philipstour


Walking in Eindhoven - Philips route

Eindhoven is of course known for being home to the world-famous electronics…

80 minutes 4.40 km Citywalk

Citywalk Gent Highlights


This city walk through Ghent has a length of approximately 4.5 kilometers and runs through the center of Ghent. By following…

80 minutes 4.60 km Citywalk

Citywalk Groningen Highlights


Walk Groningen

Groningen has a rich history and beautiful architecture. A walk is therefore an excellent way to …

75 minutes 2.70 km Citywalk

Citywalk Haarlem Highlights


Haarlem city walk

If you are looking for a fun and informative way to explore the city of Haarlem, a city walk i…

70 minutes 3.90 km Citywalk

CIty Walk Lemmer

City walk

Maritime walk Lemmer

Welcome to our captivating city walk through Lemmer, a charming town steeped in a rich mari…

40 minutes 1.70 km City walk

Citywalk Maastricht Highlights


City walk Maastricht

Discover the beautiful city of Maastricht on foot with the Maastricht city walk. This route…

90 minutes 5.40 km Citywalk

Bastion Naarden Highlights


City walk Naarden

Are you looking for a nice walk through historic Naarden? Then our walking route through Naard…

100 minutes 6.00 km Citywalk

Citywalk Nijmegen Highlights


Nijmegen city walk

Discover beautiful Nijmegen on foot with our Nijmegen city walk. This route takes you along t…

90 minutes 4.50 km Citywalk

Citywalk Rotterdam Center


This walk is about 2,2 miles and starts at the central station in Rotterdam. You walk past the Groothandelsgebouw, the Lijnb…

60 minutes 3.60 km Citywalk

Citywalk Rotterdam Museumroute


This route of more than 5 kilometers starts at Rotterdam Central Station and runs along the sculpture route on Westersingel …

85 minutes 5.10 km Citywalk

Citywalk Rotterdam around the Nieuwe Maas


The area around the Nieuwe Maas is a very nice area to explore. You follow a walk of almost six kilometers and pass the Crui…

100 minutes 5.90 km Citywalk

Citywalk Sittard Highlights


City walk Sittard

Sittard is an attractive city in South Limburg with a rich history and a cozy city center. A c…

40 minutes 2.30 km Citywalk

Citywalk Utrecht Highlights


City walk Utrecht

If you are looking for a nice walk in Utrecht, you have come to the right place! Utrecht is a …

90 minutes 5.30 km Citywalk

Citywalk Valkenburg

City walk

City walk Valkenburg

If you are looking for a nice walk in the south of the Netherlands, Valkenburg aan de Geul …

65 minutes 3.90 km City walk

City Walk Volendam

city walk

City walk Volendam

Explore this picturesque fishing village on the banks of the IJsselmeer with the Esplora city…

60 minutes 3.10 km city walk